Alstyle 1301 vs Gildan 500: Which T-Shirt is Best For Your Brand?

When starting a clothing brand, one of the first decisions you'll have to make is which type of t-shirt to use. ALstyle 1301 and Gildan 500 are both great options, but they do have some differences. The ALstyle is made in the USA while the Gildan is made in Central America. The ALstyle has a higher price point, but it also has a thicker garment that feels nicer on your skin. Ultimately, the decision comes down to what's important to you and your brand.

The Gildan 500

The G500 is a great, affordable option for brands that are starting out. It has a thick garment and fits nicely, but it is made in Central America. The environmental impacts from this manufacturer are questionable, so if this is important to you this is something to take into consideration. These are the locations of their manufacturing facilities Rio Nance, Honduras and the Caribbean. The Gildan G500 t-shirt is our most popular shirt and it's just as tried-and-true as they get. It's taped shoulder-to-shoulder, has double stitching all the way through, and has a smooth neckline with a seamless rib. Made of 100 percent preshrunk cotton, it is unisex also. Great for screen printing your million-dollar-idea or to simply wear as-is, the G500 is available in 70 colors, is 5.3 oz, and is a classic, customer-favorite. There are many different places where you may buy wholesale Gildan blank t-shirts. Charity events, giveaways, start-up clothing lines, and more are all popular uses for Wholesale Gildan blank t-shirts. The Gildan G500 shirt is where it's at because it's inexpensive, dependable, and timeless.

Gildan is one of the world's best-known brands for apparel, socks, and legwear, having produced more than three decades of development. Gildan is one of the most popular blank shirt brands, and for good reason; these are sturdy, high-quality tees that are reasonably priced. Gildan tees should be used by screen printers as well as people who just want a comfortable shirt for hanging out in.

The ALstyle 1301

The ALstyle is also a great, affordable option for brands that are starting out. It has a thick garment and fits nicely. However, it is made in the USA. The environmental impacts from this manufacturer are much more sustainable and responsible. choosing an ALstyle shirt will help you feel good about where your product is made.

Alstyle''s manufacturing process utilizes 45% renewable energy but here is the kick! Their trademark is actually owned by GILDAN!!! At the end of the day, Gildan own a huge portion of the tshirt blank industry and there really is no avoiding them. Alstyle's do have a better fit and are better for heavier set customers of yours. We personally love the Alstyles because of how easy they are to print on and the nice tear away label. Making custom tagging a breeze.

So Which One?

In the end, it comes down to what's important to you. If you're looking for an affordable shirt that is made in a responsible way, go with ALstyle 1301s. If you don't mind paying a little more and want a thick garment that fits nicely, go with Gildan 500s. Both shirts are a great choice for your brand, it just depends on what's important to you. Although Gildan owns the Alstyle trademark, they are manufactured in better conditions than the Gildan blanks themselves.

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