Why are shirt orders taking longer?!

We know... we're feeling this with everything in this and in many other industries. Consumer reports say that there is going to less holiday deals and even emptier shelves. Let us know dwell on the negatives though... Let's focus on the facts. We have less delivery drivers to handle shipping containers that are waiting in some of the main ports in this country. Since we have less people to transport these ports, it had created a bottle neck in getting inventory to other portions of the country.

Covid-19 restrictions have also made it harder for mills to make garments because they have less hands on deck. Don't worry though! Because we have such a great relationship with our wholesalers, we can have an inside look on their current inventory and if your items are not available we can make the switch to something very similar. The short term solution for all these bottle neck issues is to purchase from brands that are created and manufactured in the United States. These brands include American Apparel, Bayside, or even some very specific Next Level Apparel! We know you love some Next Level! Feel free to give us a call or email to figure out what garments and styles are easily readily. We're the plug, we got you!

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